Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Stall vs Pasture

I have always been a person who likes to have my horse in a stall... they are easier to micro manage and oh how I love to control stuff ha!!

Henry likes his stall... Holli, Wes and Jet like to be where Henry is ha, meanwhile he could care less about the three of them.

Over the last almost 2 years of having my own place, I have had the luxury of moving my horses around where ever I want them at any time. Henry LOVES pasture time especially when grass in involved.

In CA turn out is slim pickings so I am so luck, or my horses are lucky that they get the best of both worlds... so spoiled. And they don't get just light turn out- they get giant pastures... like multiple acres.

When the weather is nice my horses get to be out as long as they want, I get to move them around the different pastures and mix/match whom ever I want in each pasture.

He even looks handsome when drinking lol

When the weather is bad they all have a warm and cozy stall all to themselves with a buddy next to them.

I have a 6 stall barn, 4 stalls are used for the horses, 1 is used for hay storage and 1 is used as the grain room/storage. One day I would like to have another hay storage closer to the barn or an atv that I can load hay in and make it easier to feed. The large hay barn we have needs a front cover in order to store hay during the winter, currently we tarp any hay that is in there when it's going to rain.

Are you a stall or pasture person? Or both...


  1. I love turnout! The chestnut boys just flourished over the summer getting to graze on our acreage after years of 4 hours a day turnout in a small overeaten paddock. That said, they have always come in at night because Stampede is the world's slowest grain eater and also a hard keeper. I'd love to try 24/7 turnout in the good weather seasons but I'm realistic that while Stampede is around it probably won't happen.

  2. All my kids are on 24/7 turnout regardless of weather. I have three stalls, but I generally save them for injuries, etc. If one of my guys was in bad shape and needed to be in out of the weather, I'd accommodate that, but everyone is fat and healthy, so they seem happiest outside.

  3. 24/7 turnout here on a dry lot - sand + stompy horse = grass hasn't got a chance. There is a deluxe run-in, though he doesn't use it much. I have an adjacent paddock that I seed and baby. Val gets to token graze for an hour or two daily. On the plus side I don't have mud. :D

  4. I loooove turnout! But in the midwest, that's pretty common. Mine don't get as much turnout as some around here -- about 4-6 hours during the winter (weather permitting) and overnight during the summer.

  5. It's nice to have options with your horses at your own place! Mine are out in a big pasture all day long, and come into a smaller paddock behind my barn. My stalls have back doors that open into the paddock, so they can come and go as they please. I usually only seem the in there when it's rainy or super windy!

  6. I wish turnout were more of a thing here in CA. Our two are very lucky to have a small pasture to themselves. I do wish I had a stall for them when it's raining and they chose standing in the rain over going under the shelter.

  7. What is this turnout thing of which you speak? I think horses do best with a combo. Somewhere warm, dry, and easier to feed when weather sucks, or they don't eat fast. Otherwise they are herd animals meant to live together and run around. I know Holly was happier when she got turned out regularly. Of course then there is how safe is the turnout issues.... :L

  8. Split the baby - turn out during the day and stall at night. Best of both worlds. Cupid is happy to be out with his buddies, but waits at the gate when it's time to come in. It is convenient for me to have him in in the morning, plus I know he got to eat all his hay.

  9. 24/7 turn out. I don't like my horse's standing still in a stall all day.


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