Thursday, February 22, 2018

I need a fake tail stat...

Well that consistency was short lived ha!!!!! But the gap isn't as bad this time...

A friend tagged me in this and it's SO true lol 

I don't think that I addressed Henry's tail on the blog yet... I am maybe kinda sorta possibly at a point that I can talk about it without feeling sad and a sick feeling in my stomach...

Wes was stalled next to Henry when I first got him and all was well for a few days ... well that was short lived because he ATE half of Henrys tail :(

It has a little longer strand but most of it is up to his hocks... like for real?!!? He could have chewed another other horses tail, why Henry why???!!

So I am for sure going to need a fake tail when we get back to the show ring... anyone have a hook up for me and a tail? ha!

Henry and I are slowly trying to get our groove back... we are both so out of shape. I also think that he could benefit from the chiropractor and probably his hocks done again, it's been over a year since they were done, maybe closer to a year and a half.

So who has the fake tail hook up?!


  1. Oh dear- I never understand why horses eat tails!

  2. No fake tail advice or experience but that's sad. Sorry!

  3. Oh man!!! That's the worst!!! I had a horse who rubbed 80% of his tail off at hock level and had a few wispy hairs that were the original length and I cried. But the saving grace for him was he was neurological so his riding days were basically over and I could let his tail grow out eventually. Hope you find Henry a fake tail!!! Wish I could help but I've never used one!!!

  4. I've been watching a fairly cheap on on eBay for a while. I'll send you the link on fb.

  5. Oh no! Custom Tails and Kathy's Tails are my favorites out there.

  6. I'd say look on FB western sale groups to see if you can snag one. Chestnut's are so hard tho because their tails can have so many different shades!!

  7. Whatever you do, just don't get the one with the giant knob on the top. Believe me, those are the worst!
    Hopefully it will grow back quickly! Feed him lots of biotin.

  8. Oh noooooooo! My former horse had his tail chewed off while I had him for sale. I was furious and devistated!

  9. I feel like so many of my students would agree with that shirt...

    And oh nooooooo about the tail :( :( :(

  10. You could try putting his tail up for a bit (in Saddlebred or Arab style) and see if that can convince him to grow it out a bit.

    I don't have any particular false tail suggestions though as it's not permitted within my breed, but I absolutely get the short tail sorrow.


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