Monday, February 5, 2018

Super Bowl Sunday- Equestrian Style

When hubby is finally home, it's 70 outside, the baby is napping and there is daylight... you don't sit inside and watch football.. you go outside and do this:

The ground squirrels and gophers have taken over our spot we were riding in the field... I am currently figuring out how to rage war on them. B and I rode a little and then decided to wander around since there were too many holes that we couldn't avoid.

These two are spoiled

I gave Henry and Jet both hose downs and washed their tails... of course they both rolled when I put them back in the pastures ugh.

Meanwhile Bayley was doing this:

I should have gotten a video of her trying to get on, it as hilarious and even more reason why Holli is a saint and the best pony in the world.

Happy Monday everyone.. hopefully I will get to ride again this weekend- I really need lights so I can ride at night after the kiddos go to bed.


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