Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ladies Night Out AKA Tuesday Night Lesson

Ugh it gets dark so fast- it was 6:45 ish tonight and we were riding by braille.

Ok so recap of the lesson...

Tacked up and lunged and then got on. Got right to work as Irene says to get working and not let him think about things or rest. I started by following Erica around the arena and then my cover was blown and Irene insisted I find my own spot - dang! I like getting a few laps around following someone to remind Henry that we don't need to spook at everything (all the things that have been there for the last 3.5 months).

Anywho off we went to find out own spot. We worked on some more bending around the corners, me keeping my hands low low low, weaving around the jumps and over the polls and sitting trot. Our sitting trot felt a million time better tonight. He was pretty lookie at stuff and spooked more then I would have liked but I rode through it all and didn't fall off or die :) One day I will laugh in the face of his spooks- right now that isn't happening.

My goal by the end of the month is to master cantering... so keep me accountable mr blog!

Tomorrow is his day off and then back in the saddle Thursday night after work :)

On a side note- I rode in my new boots, shoulders back and breastplate. We were looking fly haha!

He's getting so handsome! Note the fancy new breast plate and my sweet boots :)


  1. Your posture was much improved, no more hunch-back Karley :)I think you and Henry are starting to trust each other more, he only gave you baby-spooks last night, which considering the sheep-stampede isn't have bad considering his age ;)

  2. So true Kat! We are getting there - just gotta keep working hard :)


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