Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 28th

I got off early today and it was amazing! I felt free, single and like I had not a care in the world! So obviously I headed up to the barn to ride. I got there about 2:45 and was lunging and on by 3:15. It was perfect weather and when was the last time I rode in beautiful weather, alone and got some time with Henry?!?! Um never!

Anywho he was a little wild on the line but settled in well. He is starting to learn to buck on the line and that makes me laugh cause he is so uncoordinated.  I just hacked and it was nice- we even cantered which has been our nemesis.

It wasn't a really long ride- probably 30 min but it was relaxing and I enjoyed it. I will have to try and do that more often then once every 2 years haha!

No riding on the 29th cause Sean works and then we have the annual Halloween party at my trainers house.. hopefully Sunday I will have the strength to ride :)


  1. hey I'm going to start uploading videos for ya to Andy's photobucket for ya to use, although some of them have really fun side conversations so I will try to edit out sound first lol


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