Friday, March 15, 2013

Thirsty Thursday...

oh wait no drinking on a work night. Actually I like never drink haha!

Escape Artist - this is why I have the chain...

Thursday I had my weekly torture session I mean lesson. I always like my Thursday lesson a lot AFTER the lesson. This is a private lesson and my trainer pushes me a lot more then she does the other times in the week.

I had lots of time to groom, pet/give kisses and dress up Henry :)

Lunged and got on- got a text from my trainer that she was running late so I warmed up on my own and was ready to head down to jump when she arrived.

We went down to the big arena and I cantered around a bit more and through the jumps then we got down to work.

What we jumped:
- vertical
- one stride line (verticals)
- in and out/bounce (x to a vertical)
- 3 stride line (vertical to an oxer with a wall in the middle)

Warmed up over the vertical back and forth.

Then did the one stride a couple times then did the one stride, short turn to the vertical to the bounce to the 3 stride. Did this a couple times and then we went to the 3 stride and getting that right.

Henry gets the strides no problem, most of the time I even have to whoa in the line and then I really really have to whoa after the jump, he isn't being bad but he gets going. So we worked on pace to the first fence and then whoa in the middle with a half halt and then lots of whoa after the jump. We did the line both ways and off both leads.

Another lesson where I can say I love my horse- he was such a good boy even when I couldn't see a distance to save my life :)

I bathed home boy after we took a nice long walk around the property to cool out. A clean horse is my FAV! Let him eat some grass while I cleaned his stall and filled his water.

I am on Louie duty cause his mom is gone so I blanketed both horses, love their matchy matchy ness :) Gave kisses and headed out.

Turn out today (Friday) and a lesson tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a great lesson. Love the photos. Henry is GORGEOUS.

  2. I do miss the days of weekday drinking, can't imagine how "dry" you are with B lol.

  3. Love that second picture of henry in the grass. He looks so toned!

    1. Thanks! Yeah he is totally toned :) He is super fit!

  4. Wow, he looks amazing in the royal blue!!

  5. I know I already said this on Instagram, but he just looks so cute in those colours!

  6. Love all the photos, and happy to hear you had a great lesson! I need to get back to taking pictures!

    1. Yes we need pics of Libby! :)

      Thanks! It was a great lesson :)

  7. Great Photos and Henry is just way too handsome! :)

  8. I love the picture of him all suited up in the cross ties! He is too gorgeous :)

    I'm also super jealous of that beautiful and lush green grass you already have! Sadly it is still cold and miserable where I am... send some of it my way?

    1. I love how shinny he is :)

      Come visit CA with Lim!! We will share!


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