Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wide Open Spaces...

Wednesday I did a quick lunge with Henry.. just wanted to give him a chance to stretch his legs and get some crazies out.

Thursday I had a lesson.

Groomed and lunged and then got on. We went down to the big arena and there were 4 jumps set up and A LOT of wide open space. Henry was lookie at the jumps piled outside of the arena, the random chairs and flapping paper courses stapled on the arena fence- left from the pony show.

*jump on soap box*
If you hosted a horse show, wouldn't you clean up after your event?! Also wouldn't you make sure that the people that came to your event parked their trailers in the designated, LARGE open area and not in the middle of the road and parking area for the boarders cars?! When I go up to blanket my horse I don't expect to have to cater to the trailers parked in the middle of the road blocking the way so I can't drive in!!!

All of the distraction in the arena are fine... I am totally ok working through these things with Henry (he really wasn't that bad, Louis on the other hand, poor Clare!) and they are helpful for our future at horse shows but I think it's rude and disrespectful for someone to leave a mess and not think about the people who PAY TO KEEP THE PLACE RUNNING!
*jump off soap box*

We trotted a little and then went to cantering and keeping his attention ON ME haha!

Then we worked on lead changes.

Then onto jumping...

Not to scale.. we used like half of the BIG arena

Warmed up over 1 back and forth.

Then did 1 right lead to 2 left lead to 4 all the way around on the left lead to 3.

Then we did1 left lead and a bit of a roll back to 3 six strides to 1 right turn to 4 right turn to 2.

We worked on lead changes a bunch especially over 2 and going right to left lead.

Henry took a lot of work today but it was a good lesson :) He jumped well and I love riding him!

Trainer ride tomorrow, turn out Saturday and lesson Sunday.


  1. That is really inconsiderate of the people hosting the show at your facility, especially since the gripes you mentioned aren't hard to prevent. Glad you had a good ride!

    1. Yeah tell me about it.. sad thing is that the host is a new trainer at our barn who should know better, but from her reputation I shouldn't be surprised :(

  2. AMEN! I thought the same thing about the pony people!!!

    1. haha glad i wasn't the only one :)

  3. Sounds like they got their money from the showers and hightailed it out of there. Not considerate at all. Glad to hear you and Henry were able to ride past the little distractions and have a good ride! Love that gif!

    1. Yeah i wasn't so worried cause of Henry's reaction, just the blatant lack of consideration for other people :)

  4. welll I will say as the owner of a farm that hosts shows - it is a TONNE of work and sometimes it takes a few days to get things put away. That being said, that is MY farm, where I only have one lowly border lol. I would never leave someone elses facility a mess!

    1. Totally its a bunch of work and a little leeway is totally acceptable but I don't think there are plans to clean it up haha! And BO is on vacation so she wasn't even here to see the chaos :)

  5. Replies
    1. yep yep! Makes all the hard work worth it!


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