Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Henry giving his model pose :)

So we went and saw the specialist about his footsie on Friday... It was all great news so that is good!!

Basically it's a shoeing issue... he has high low- right foot is "higher" then the left so we have to even them out. They weren't even worried about the crack, they said it's a symptom of his feet not being right.

X-rays are all good too!

He has some fun, expensive and custom shoes on! I am about the paint the bottom red... Louis Vuitton's!!

Hacked him Tuesday and he was fab! A bit spookie but that is to be expected since he hasn't done his normal work in a couple weeks- flatting just isn't the same as jumping! He felt great at the trot... like AMAZING! We shall see if this is a new normal- lets hope that we are on the right path!

Also still feeling the burn at the 2 point... #2poitntober ... my goal is to get to 10 min so we shall see if I can muster up the will by the end of the month!

Here's to lots more riding on Mr H and his toes feeling awesome!


  1. I would just like to get to 5 minutes.... LOL

  2. Great 2 point time! Glad to hear you've figured out the foot issues.

  3. Saw that 2point time on FB and was super, super impressed!

  4. lol if you paint the bottoms of his shoes you'd better take pictures!!! ;)

  5. Red bottom Louboutins are a classic. Some of the shoeing concoctions they come up with probably do cost as much as loubies.


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