Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Go with that gut instinct

Sunday Henry got a nice hack ... I had the whole arena to myself and the footing was nicely drug :)

Treats Please!!

Monday I had our shoer look at Henry's right front because it needed some attention... basically the aluminum's don't work for us, Henry needs more support then they can provide. He developed a crack because of them... shoer thought he had it stopped but as we found out Monday he didn't. I am SO glad I listened to my gut and made him come look at it.

Hopefully it doesn't take too long to heal.. send Henry your happy healing prayers!!

So lots of turn out and hanging out for Henry right now...

Grayson I am coming for you now lol!!

Tuesday Henry got turned out and I headed out to the ranch and R and I got all 7 horses out (only G is mine lol) and I was in charge of 3 and she 4.... 7 is so many!!! lol

B rode Rocky

I worked on more lunging with G, stopping and standing when I say whoa ... he is great to the left and getting better to the right, not as much stopping and facing me so that is awesome- keep improving G!!

There is a new 2.5 year old out at the ranch so he has a buddy thats the same age as him now! 


Henry and I love to hear from you guys! Leave us comments!!! :)