Sunday, October 4, 2015

Water Is Falling From the Sky!

Watching the rain as we cooled down Wednesday

Wednesday afternoon I had a fun hack... There were lots of people at the barn and thankfully Henry doesn't care about the chaos.

It was raining so everyone was inside- lots of trying not to get run into or run over. I really really really wish that people knew left left when passing. If only...

We warmed up at the walk, did a nice long walk and then went to the trot.. my goal was to do some shoulder in/out, haunches in/out and leg yields but with like 6 other people all over the place that didn't happen. I just went through the paces and did a little counter canter work after a few of them left.

Dirty mirror selfie :)

Thursday I snuck in a quick 25 min hack before the dentist came.

I had the whole arena to myself so I did lots of long and low and changes of direction. Henry was forward but willing... I really love riding this horse.

Cleaned him up and then he had a dentist appointment... poor guy! I am NOT a fan of the human dentist so it makes me anxious to even watch the horse dentist. lol.. but I learned a lot and made it ;)

Letting the drugs wear off
I waited around for an hour after the appointment was done to make sure that he was ok.. he was still a bit out of it when I left so I came back in the evening to make sure he was ok....

He was ok, even brought a snack for our walk haha!

He's going to get Fri and Sat turn out and then I hope to hack Sunday.


  1. It snowed here this weekend... wth! I hate the human dentist too. Almost as much as Apollo hates the horse dentist.

  2. Poor guy! Hope his mouth is better.

  3. The water has been falling from the sky here for a week now. :( Good news-I haven't watered horses in a week (troughs are full from rain...a 100 gallon and a 50 gallon). Also my pastures look like something straight out of Ireland. Bad news- no riding. Womp womp. Yay for Henry being such a good boy!

  4. yay for rain! but boo for overly busy arenas....

    1. yes to both! thankfully Henry doesn't mind the chaos!

  5. I was SO excited when it was raining earlier this week! Hopefully we get more. Henry is so cute, I got to see him last night :)

    1. Whaaaaa I missed you!!! Come again when I am there!

  6. I was so excited about the rain! I saw a funny internet that is so true:
    Things Californians Get excited about:
    When Avocados are on sale
    When it is raining
    When water falls from the sky


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