Saturday, October 24, 2015

Terrible 2's?

Graysons NOT da man .... someone has bit the terrible 2's maybe?

We have been working on lunging... to the left, he is amazing!! To the right, lets just say it's been a work in progress and we are still working.

I thought that things were going well, then about 5 ish weeks ago he decided he didn't want to lunge to the right and the right lead is not an option.

It's been a oh so fun, NOT!

Pray for us! LOL... I keep telling myself, he's a gelding and he will give in!!


  1. I remember when I first starting working with Steele he really was convinced that lunging to the right was not in his contract. It took some time to convince him otherwise. I wonder if it's because we do some much on the left.

    1. Bahahahah not in his contract- I love that!!

      I will win this lunging battle!!! 😜

  2. He'll get there :) Just part of the fun of starting from scratch! Show him who's the boss mare!

    1. Right! Between Rach and I- we WILL win lol!


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