Friday, January 8, 2016

Dem Toes

Monday was new shoes day.. so exciting I know. My sister brought her horse too so she could be reset before leaving for her next rodeo leg so at least I had good company :)

My shoer and his other top shoer said that I can start jumping but they wouldn't if they were me... they would like to see the top of the crack come down more. It filled in great but hasn't come down from the top more then about 1/3 so far.

I am in no rush and want Henry to never have a problem with this crack so I will wait till it's a 100% green light.

Tuesday morning I hacked.. Henry was a bit sassy but over all good. He felt great with his feet just done.

Wednesday I had time to hack int he morning (hubby was helping a friend with his car in the afternoon and worked in the evening) and was a bit ticked when they put the semi with a full load of hay inside the indoor making it so you couldn't ride... not cool.

So Henry got a quick lunge in the evening right before hubby had to go to work... I am still bothered that they didn't plan better or get more hands to unload rather then blocking the indoor- the only place we can ride when it's raining.

Thursday and Friday hubby is working 16+ hour days so I won't be able to get in any riding or even lunging.

Hopefully Saturday afternoon/evening I can sneak something in :)

G says hi!


  1. hopefully that crack fills in quickly! makes sense to give him all the time he needs to heal tho, better safe than sorry!

  2. I hope that the crack fills in soon

  3. Your horses are both adorable! Hope the crack is healed up soon :)

  4. I hate when the indoor is unusable! Glad to see Henry getting better!


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