Saturday, January 2, 2016

Grayson Cowboy Ride #3


Cowboy ride #3 is in the books... he is still getting A's on everything!

It's hard being ridden lol!

Tuesday we went on a trail ride- each rode a horse and ponies another.

Riding Rocky, ponying G

We went up and down hills, by cows, trotted all over and had a nice time out! G did great and was mostly perfect- a few times he wanted to snack rather then keep walking but he did awesome with the trotting, only got crazy once and luckily I was able to hold on lol!

G and Rocky helping mow some "lawn" 
We got 6 of the 8 horses worked on the trail ride- total win!!


  1. Glad he's still doing so good with riding!! :) Crazy to think he's getting so big!

  2. Hold on! Hold on! Haha! At least he's relatively low to the ground in case there's an accidental dismount ;) He's looking good, girl!

  3. That is awesome!! So exciting :)


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