Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bucket List 2016 Edition

We all have an equestrian bucket list, I want to know what is on yours!!??

My biggest one right now is doing a Derby- 1 to just make it through and then after that I was to do more and actually be competitive!

Get a year end award, this means I need to pick a series and jump in feet first to do as much as I can to give myself the best chance possible.

Own property... maybe not this nice but hey I can dream ;)

Be more confident.

Clinic with George but maybe not in 2016, eventually


  1. I like these goals! Especially year end awards. I think I am going to sign up for two local organizations that offer them as incentive to get out there and DO SOMETHING!

  2. Great goals, I think they are all achievable for you and Henry this year :)

  3. My bucket list item would be to ride in a hunt (and not die).
    My goals are to teach Carmen to hack out. (and not die). :)

  4. I am hoping to do more derbies too :)

  5. Love your goals! One of my equestrian goals is to one day compete in the American Eventing Championships and place in the ribbons- that has been a goal of mine since 2003 but something has always stood in the way of me attempting to qualify- maybe this year will be the year????? Who knows!

  6. I have similar goals! Confidence is #1


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