Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dear Henry...

Today was supposed to be a light hack/relaxing ride. Apparently you had other plans.

Someone was lunging in the lower round arena and that created a glimmer in your eye :)

We worked around through the whole arena, things were going well- shoulder in, haunches in, bending, low headset, frame,  forward, collected, canter in half the arena and around the jumps (making sure you were listening to me and my leg)... then I asked you to go straight down the WHOLE long side. Half way down (or up) it you were SURE that I was going to turn you and ask for a lead change... nope I just wanted you to go straight.

Outside leg means move off of it, not lean into it and go faster.

It took you some time to figure it out, boy were you sweaty and foaming.

Thank goodness I had my ipod cause the music kept me relativly calm- a few "really Henry!?!?!" 's came out but other then that we worked through it.

FINALLY you went straight and we quit.

Here's to tomorrow being an easy hack?! ;) Probably not ha!

I love you!

Hack tomorrow, lesson Tuesday, something (not sure what) Wednesday, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and lesson Saturday.


  1. Henry has some fancy moves... I think Houston pretty much knows Red, Yellow, and Green light haha.

    1. haha yeah I am determined into making him know everything!!! This boy is going to one day pack Bayley around so he has to be perfect! :)

  2. Sorry he was a pill, hopefully he will chill tomorrow, I should be out to ride with ya!

    1. Story of my life... he can be bad tomorrow as long as he is good for my lessons Tues and Thur :)

  3. Someones got a case of the wiggles lol

  4. G is doing the same thing right now... i put outside leg on and he picks up a trot not move off my leg... how did you fix it...?

  5. If you figure out how to fix the "not listening to my leg" thing, please share. ;)

  6. So Jessica and Me-
    This is how my trainer has me fix the moving off my leg: start with pressure from the calf, then heal, then spur- increasing to another part of my leg when he's not listening.
    When he's leaning into my leg (say the left one as he was Sunday) I would make him side-pass and move off that leg... if he doesn't listen then i kick him till he MOVES OVER (going forward).


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