Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hack and Barn Meeting

Medium hack tonight... did mostly cantering. Nothing fancy... trying to keep his attention, good transitions, changes of directions, halts, backups, soft hands, self carriage, collection, lengthening... good boy!

Cooled out and back up to the barn to clean up and grain while there was a barn meeting.

It was hella long, lots of talking, stuff I didn't really care about and other stuff that stunned me that someone thinks they could enforce... we will see what actually pans out.

Lunge/turn out tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, something Saturday lol...


  1. Lol, I know, man she just went on and on, I felt like I could have led that meeting in like 20 min tops, but guess I'm used to more streamline meetings at work... it will be interesting this winter...

  2. Man, even when I boarded at a real barn (versus the fake one I'm at now), we never had meetings. The Equestrian Team did.. but nothing that involved the regular boarders/riders. This is interesting!

  3. I've never been at a barn that did regular meetings, interesting!

  4. This is our first meeting... we shall see if it continues! (I am not hopeful)

  5. Sounds like...fun? I don't know what a barn meeting at my barn would consist of... We typically just get emails from my trainer and its a done deal. Nothing to really talk about though I guess.

    1. We get nothing from the BO.. I think these meetings aren't going to last. The only time I hear from the BO is if she wants to charge me extra for something ;)


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