Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lesson in a Fog

Not only was it dusty in our lesson last night, I am still sick- now getting worse and it sucks.

I was so in my own head and kind of really out of it but I made it through the lesson so that is good! :)

I didn't get picked on to much which was nice, or if I did maybe I don't remember it. We flatted around and Henry was pretty good- I really thought about marching him forward, holding my frame and shoulders back :)

Then we moved onto jumping... L and I were first. We worked on a grid of three jumps with one stride between. It started as a half X on each to a half X, half X, vertical.. then half X, X, Oxer.. then X, vertical and a larger Oxer.

I think Andy took video so hopefully I can post that soon :)

I walked for a bit, untacked, put on the cooler and started the LONG waiting game for Henry to dry- which he never did but he was mostly kinda half way dry lol.

Off today, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday and idk about Saturday.


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