Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh Hey 102 Deg...

Um yeah it was that hot yesterday. Not that I would know since it is always freeeeeeezing in my office. I have a space heater and it is on most of the time...

Anywho I went to the barn right after work and was on by 4:30 (hubby had a softball came so I didn't take lunch and was off my 4). It was HOT so I rode inside to stay out of the sun. I had the arena to myself (though I prefer to ride with others).

I started out just hacking around... a lap walking each way then into the trot. Worked on forward forward forward then quietly coming back to a sitting trot then forward.

Worked on our canter departures and keeping the frame- took a bit but he complied.

Move onto lots of changing of direction and bending... by this time I could tell Henry was DONE with me ha! We pushed through :)

Are we done yet?!

Finally we moved onto a bit more cantering and listening to my leg for directions and my hands to stay in the frame. He was all jumpy at the open end of the arena so we worked down there, then I would go all the way around and then again at the open end. Keeping him guessing what was next and listening to me was my goal.

Rode for 50 min and sheesh that was rough in this crazy heat but it also felt great (when we were done ha!)!

I cooled him out, untacked and hosed him off, covered him in fly spray, tamed his crazy mane and tail, grabbed his grain/hay and headed to his stall. Fed and cleaned his stall... gave kissed and headed back up to the barn to clean tack and clean up.

Lesson tonight, hack tomorrow, lesson Thursday, trainer ride Friday, lesson Saturday.


  1. I'm jealous of the covered arena! I can't believe how hot it can be sometimes.

    1. yeah totally... last night it was a tad warmer in the indoor but I didn't want to be in direct sun.

  2. I am super jealous of the covered. If I had access to a covered ring, I'd be using it ALL THE TIME!

    1. Yeah no excuses for not riding :) Though it does get crazy busy in there sometimes. Thankfully Henry doesn't mind to much about people coming from all directions.

  3. I wish I had access to an indoor! Riding in the heat can be so annoying.

    1. yeah last night me head was throbbing from the heat ha!


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