Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fancy baby!!

We've been walking walking and walking :) And I have been sick sick sick...

Vet came out to look at him and says hind end but ever so slight- game plan is to give him some Previcox and I am also making the decision to put his hind shoes back on. I think that he might need the support since we don't have great footing at the barn and with pretty such little rain this year- everything is so hard.

During out walk Monday
Tuesday I took the day off to try and get better... and spend some time with hubby and B since we haven't had a day off together in a long time.

Fancy baby G!

Headed up to the barn to walk Henry now...

When he gets his hind shoes back on I will probably trot him again for my trainer. He looks almost 100% to me.


  1. Springy baby super cute! Sorry to hear Henry still isn't quite there yet. :(

  2. I feel like March has been the month of lameness and injuries for us bloggers. Hopefully Henry will feel better soon!

  3. G is getting so big!
    Sorry to hear that H is still NQR, hopefully shoes help and he heals right up.
    Both look supoib though :D

    1. Oops, hit post to soon - wishing you a speedy recovery too.
      Sending healing vibes from Europe!

  4. Hind shoes helped Carlos a lot1

  5. Miles has always had hind shoes :-)

  6. he is so cute!! I hope you and henry both feel better soon :)

  7. Fancy floating pony!! Hope Henry gets all back to normal soon!

  8. I wish I could pull all the shoes and save all the money. But alas the shoes stay on to give ponykins the best support possible.

  9. Baby G is so cute! Sorry Henry still isn't 100%. I hope he's gets better quickly.


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