Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ya know...

Stolen from Hillary :)

1) What discipline do you ride? Hunters! Hopefully I can dabble in the Eq and Derby world in the near future. 

2) If you had to switch your discipline which one would you choose? Reining... my bff does it and i'd love to do it for real one day!

3) Who is your equestrian idol? Right now Liza Boyd- she has a young daughter and is pregnant again and has been successful in her riding career :)

4) Who is your least favorite equestrian? I can't say I have one, I just really don't like people who disrespect the sport though.

5) Describe your dream horse (breed, color, markings…) Fancy, TB/WB, bay with appy blanket on it's bootie, top notch mover and jumper :)

6) Post a picture of the horse you ride 

 7) What would you do if you were forced to stop riding? Find a way to ride ha! Unless it was temp (like being prego).. then I suffer till I can do it again ha!

8) What was your best score at a show? Ive never gotten a score :(

9) What is your favorite horse blog? I can't say I have one, I like different ones at different times depending on what is going on with them or me and what resounds to me :)

10) Group lesson or private? One of each a week :)

11) How high do you jump? Regularly- 2'6-2'9.. once in a while trainer sneaks a 3' in ha! Right now, nothing boo

12) What level dressage do you do? I have no idea

13) What level eventing do you do? I don't event :)

14) Cross country colors? What are they? Don't ride CC BUT if I did I would be hunter and white :)

15) What colors look good on your horse? Which one? ;) Henry I like hunter and maroon. Grayson I am thinking Royal and Navy.

16) Opinions on Rolkur? Um no...

17) Last time you rode? Was it great? Being that I am prego, none of my rides are great ha!

18) If you could spend a day with any equestrian who would it be? I'd love to follow Liza Boyd or Jennifer Alfano around- their daily routine, how they prep for a Derby and at the Derby.

19) Helmet or no helmet? Opinions? Always a helmet

20) Who was/ is your first horse? The first horse I owned - Maddy. Sweetest, laid back, big hearted, none mare mare there is out there!

Make sure the check out A Gift Horse's contest :)

Going to trot Henry tonight- FINGERS CROSSED!


  1. Sending sound thoughts Henry's way!

  2. Cool questionnaire & fun answers.
    Hope Henry is healing!

  3. Fun answers. I hope Henry is doing alright and I hope your pregnancy is going well so far. I know it can be tiring both physically and mentally having to give up the riding. It's worth it, though. :)

    1. Yes this second pregnancy is way different then the first! Thanks girl!

  4. Whoever that horse is I want it.... SO BAD

  5. Ohhh royal and navy for Grayson! Maybe a little splash of burgundy? I can see him in maroon :)

    1. Def! I think a gray horse can rock almost any color! :)

  6. Reining is pretty neat! My friend has a reiner and that pony can move! Even when she's not trying to do reining movements with him. He won't do a simple turn on the haunches. He always wants to spin.

    1. Yeah my bff does it and I am dying to try a real pattern out :)


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