Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blog Hop: What Junk Is In Your Trunk?

My trunk is FULL... oh how I wish I had "more room" but then I would probably buy more things that I don't need lol!!

This is what I have at the barn, I have a whole closet and corner of the garage  at home ;)

Bottom layer: meds, extra bath stuff, clippers, treats, sponges, lead rope and halter

Bottom right: bell boots, towels, boots
Top left: polos, soap, tail bag, shoulder back, mints, snacks for the prego, bute, sun screen...

Right top: brushes, gloves, spurs, sun classes, rubber bands, scissors, curry combs, face fly spray, vetrecyn
All drawers and stuff in.. middle has one of my coolers, helmet, BoT hock boots and some sprays hanging

Outside all closed up :)

I should do a tour of my horse spots at home too! :)


  1. So much stuff!!
    You could open a tack shop ;)

    1. Haha right! And this is just the stuff in my trunk! I still have all my bath stuff in another cupboard, tack and the horse closet at home!

  2. Things we don't need? Not possible. :)

    1. Right! It will always get used eventually! :)


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