Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blog Hop: Appreciating What You Have

Let's take a moment to appreciate the Pros of our current ponies, whether you own them or just ride them in lessons. 

Henry is amazing, I know I am bias and wouldn't have said that 2 years ago lol!!

- He is game to work and work hard, he has a lets get it done attitude and will give me 100% even if we are both dripping with sweat and have been at it for a long time.

- He has a great mind away from home- the last show in our first Eq flat class- almsot all the horses lost their marbles and Henry was cool as a cucumber- we had horses bucking riders off, taking off, running up our bootie... you get the idea.

- He is always in my pocket and showing affection, sometimes to much but I am not she to correct that lol!

- He is very gentle with Bayley and lets her ride and feed him treats.

- He is a pretty handsome horse- def easy on the eyes!

- He deals with me riding him and trying to figure out this whole process of making a broke horse!

- He's become brave.

- He has more athleticism for jump height then I ever plan to use ;)

- He is making a great hunter :) Now to dapple in the Derby world!

- Hauls really well!

- He's just what I like to ride, not sure if that is b/c of all the work I put into him and have learned to love it?! lol

- He's friendly to other horses and like to play

He's not perfect but I'd like to say we have become a pretty great team. It hasn't been easy to get there but the hard work has paid off! I am sure there are lots more things but lets keep this manageable ;)

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  1. I love that he's kid friendly :)

  2. Henry's really grown mentally and physically. I'm thinking he's turned into a horse you love as much as you've grown to love the horse he is ;)

    1. Yes totally this is exactly it.. we met in the middle lol!

  3. He may not be perfect, but he sure sounds it from your list hehehe! And it's all the sweeter when you're the one to put in all the hard work to get him there huh? Great list!

  4. He sounds pretty darn close to perfect and I do think that when you put that much time into a horse it just makes them that much more enjoyable.

    1. Yes especially when it doesn't all come easy haha!

  5. Just catching up! Glad you and Henry were able to become such a good team!


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