Monday, April 28, 2014

Come On July!!

All of the Rolex posts, meet ups and loot have made me jealous!!! I had to setting to live through you all and watch the live stream... thankful for that though!

Thursday was another lunge day and Henry was a good boy and looked great. I can't rem exactly what I did with him though ha!

Friday was  a crazy day and I wasn't able to work Henry but he did get out for a bit. My prego brain is killing me!

Cookies please!

Saturday mr sassy pants was there in full force. Since it had rained, the round pen above was nice footing- thanks you Jesus for tending to the footing since it never gets taken care of lol!

I booted up Henry and took him in to lunge- he was all calm to start with... then BAM who know whats happend but he did his screaming and running act while I stood there in the center waiting for him to be done.

Then we got to work... He is really a good boy to lunge, I worked on transitions and just ultimately getting him moving and working.

Cooled him out by going for a walk outside and then I put him in turn out and let him hangout for the rest of the time I was up there.

In that time we hung out, cleaned Henry's stall, added new shavings (yep I buy my own) and then gave him a groom before I put him away. It was chilly and the weather said it would be chilly that night so I put his blanket back on.

Love it when he comes to me :)

Sunday it rained in the morning and then B napped in the afternoon so I was stuck at home but I did go up and love on him in the evening after we went to church :)

I can't wait to ride, 12.5 more weeks of being prego!

I plan to get him out every day this week but not sure what exactly he will do each day.


  1. 12.5 weeks must feel like an eternity!
    Will be worth the wait though, his face in the 'give me cookies' photo is to die for! So cute ^.^

    I'm feelin' ya with being jealous of the Rolex meetups too!

    1. I feel liek I am on the down hill run now so I can do it!! :)

  2. Lol, he was pretty hyphy Sat for a hot minute. At least he's back at it.

  3. I remember watching Rolex on the live stream last year in Japan. It was actually fun to watch it that way but I know it isn't quite the same. Time will fly, though and you'll be back in the saddle before you know it.

    1. I bet it was so fun to see live!

      Yep im on the down hill of this pregoness!

  4. He seriously has the cutest face ever! Well, for a boy horse anyway, I am pretty partial to my girl's pretty face greeting me :)


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