Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Boys aren't so smart...

So I figured that Henry would be sore from his shoeless run on Sunday, I mean hello it was gravel road he was hightailing it on!

I got him out, booted him up and put him in the round pen. Walked for a while to warm him up and then did a little trot- homeboy was sore, not bad or really off but I could tell he was sore. Not surprised since he was slid stopping on the grave, rolling back and oh yeah his left front was without the shoe and pad through it all!

So I had him walk more then a little trot and walk more... just getting him moving and stretched some. Did a little canter both ways and then hubby took him for a little cool out walk while I made grain and cleaned his stall.

Oh Henry... you should just listen to your mom! ;)


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