Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tuesday Night Video :)

Thanks to Kat for the video from Tuesday night... you don't see our warm up but we did warm up over and X. Then kids, the first jump in the video is what happens when you ride down to the now oxer doing nothing, hello Karley you must participate!! Once we did the first real jump I put on my big girl panties and it was game on, everything else went fab :)

Screener lol

Henry had Wednesday off and we took some fam pics, I will be sure to share when we get them back :)

Thursday I did a quick hack outside as it was getting dark- just a long and low hack. Then I went on a walk around the property with one of the kids and her pony... she is good friends with B.

Friday I hacked about mid morning and Henry was a DONKEY! He was just not liking me lol. I worked on transitions and STAYING IN A FRAME dang it, not something we normally have an issue with but my sweet horse decided to create one. Ended my ride with a stroll outside to cool out.

Saturday is turn out day.

Sunday will be a trainer ride.


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