Friday, November 6, 2015

A foundation starts from the hooves up.. .

So after the crazy weather Monday, Tuesday was a MUCH better ride ...

Personal Treat Dispenser 

Henry hacked around great.. even did some more no stirrup work. Shocking I know. There were lots of lesson going on but we were still able to get some good work in.

The jumps were out and I looked at them longingly, Henry gave them the hairy eye lol.

Wednesday- another hack... lessons were going on and the lesson horse Hunter kept trying to follow me and Henry lol. I tried to stay away from him but the kid wasn't a good steerer ;)

Thursday morning I was able to get out and get one last hack in before hubby goes in for a long weekend of work.

I had the place almost to myself....

I do NOT understand these people who bring their dogs to the barn and let them run wild. I do not appreciate your dog scaring the crap out of me and my horse and bombarding us in the arena...
*end rant*

I can tell that Henry is not a fan of this "long toe" fix this shoer did... it's only been 2 weeks with these ridiculously expensive shoes and they are not working for either of us. Thankfully I did some more research and found someone that I am feeling great about.. talked to him, showed him Henry's feet and didn't tell him me thoughts of concerns, just asked his opinion and everything that he didn't like was EXACTLY what I was feeling.

I did get peace of mind that the crack wasn't an issue so that trip to the specialist wasn't all a waist, just not cool with the shoeing.

Hoping to get in with this other shoer next week and keeping him around as long as all goes well... he is the one now shoeing Grayson too so that would be nice to keep it in the fam :)

TGIF everyone! It's the middle of the "work week" for us lol!

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