Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Week to be EXTRA Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving all!! I hope that you had a great time with family and friends!

Friday I hacked... then hosed Mr H off and washed his man parts and he had a bean!! A big ol bean- thats a first in the whole time I have owned him!

Sunday I hacked outside with Lyssette which was fun to get to ride with her.

Just did a normal hack and then worked on counter canter and changing his lead when I asked on the straight away,Left to right was awesome- right to left as always is no bueno but i got a few good ones and quit.



Tuesday another wild a crazy hack.. ok not wild and crazy but I really don't have much to say lol. More pushing his him around and softening him up before going into work. I have made this my new warm up and it seems to be doing wonders for him.

BOTing b/c it was so cold!
 Went through our paces... the rope jiggler was out there and she had a lady who was literally just standing on the track on the long side. Um Lady people are riding here, get out of the way... you may ride on a small circle but I use the whole arena. I just don't get why she couldn't stand in the corner or against the wall.

I used the whole arena despite the bit of a road block ;)

Wednesday hubby worked a LONG day, so I gave him a quick lunge before heading home to have dinner with the fam.


  1. LOL @ rope jiggler! Sounds like an awesome week!
    Wish I had better weather for hacking where I live, we have snow everywhere :(

    1. They do lots of rope jiggling and very little riding ;)

      I am blessed that my barn has an indoor or I'd be screwed when it rains bc our arena doesn't drain at all and BO doesn't tend to it

  2. lolz we have a few folks who do lots of jiggling and not a lot of riding too. tho at least everyone is pretty reliable about sharing space!

    1. I just don't get the rope jiggling! Around here I have decided it's for woman who want s horse but are scared to ride, that's what the ones at my barn are like at least lol

  3. Love that picture with him under the tree. I hate when people are clueless and don't share space.

    1. Right!! I'm doing real riding here people!! 😜 lol

  4. I'm glad there are no rope jigglers at my barn


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