Saturday, March 31, 2012

At least its not just me...

Henry was a hand full Friday for his trainer ride too... makes me feel better that he's not just a hand full for me! Every ride is a learning experience for him and I have to remember that even when there are "bad days" it's really all part of the training process.

Which leads me to our "new" schedule...
Sunday- off
Monday- Hack/lunge
Tuesday- Lesson
Wednesday- Trainer ride
Thursday- Hack
Friday- Trainer ride
Saturday- Ride (every other Sat)

Lastly - Lyssette handed down a green hunt coat to me :) I went through my show clothes and took inventory...
Hunt coats: gray, brown, navy and green
Shirts: white, yellow, blue, purple, pink/blue striped
Breeches: 3 Ariat's and 1 TS

I want a pink shirt still :)

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