Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Ol Monday

Confusion happened, Henry didn't get ridden and I worked him tonight.

I was being honest with myself when I thought- I should ride tonight and my brain said no how about lunging him.... I agreed. Lunging is what we did. I tried to go in the round pen, it was a bit sloppy- ok really slippery and Henry took off like a bullet a few times so I got him and we went inside to lunge since no one was riding. Much better footing! It was windy and the tarp was flapping like crazy so it was a good exposure lunge and he got a work out.

Then off to groom groom groom. Mud alllll over and he needed to sparkle before I could put him away. Lets washed, tail cleaned, whole body curried, whole body brushed, mane brushed and wetted down and whole body sprayed with Vetroline spray :) Then blanketed, tucked into his stall and grained...SPOILED! :)

Lesson tomorrow night, trainer ride Wednesday, hack Thursday, trainer ride Friday.


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