Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finally a lesson!!!!

No lessons Friday as Bayley was still sick.

BUT I did get a lesson today woo hoo! Henry was well behaved despite him not getting out yesterday. We hacked in the indoor. There were like 9 of us riding and we had about 1/2 of the indoor arena to use. We are supposed to have the whole thing from 9-10 on Saturdays but for some reason we got kicked out of half of it for ONE person taking a lesson... yes you read that right, 9 of us in half and 1 person in the other half. If you can't tell it rubbed me wrong a little :)

Despite the challenge Henry was very well behaved and I was proud.

Then Juliana got on him and jumped him. I hopped on Magic for a min while Jody went to the bathroom and cantered him a bit and jumped once fence- then I gave him back to her.

Hung out and watched Henry being jumps.. he was good despite a stop at one jump. After our lesson I turned him out and let him roll/wander around while I cleaned my tack. Then I got him and cleaned him up, grained him, filled his water and put him away :)

Good day at the barn in beautiful weather!

Tomorrow he has off and then back to our crazy week... Monday trainer ride, Tuesday my lesson, Wednesday trainer ride, Thursday hack, Friday trainer ride. Maybe ill be able to get out for a ride Wed or Fri since I can't ride Saturday due to Seans work schedule.


  1. Wow, one person in half and nine in the other... the things that make you hmmmm!

  2. I would have been so mad about one person using half the arena. Sharing is for caring people!

    Anyways glad your lesson went well and hope Bayley is doing better.

  3. yeah i was NOT stoked but hey it's all learning and exposure for Henry to roll with the punches right?! :)

  4. Well it was just a beginner kid on a pony, I'd imagine they would have just gotten in our way anyways.


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