Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27th

It's that time of the month for me sooooo I am feeling a bit yuck and blah... but I had a lesson sooooo to work it was.

Henry was feeling good... he was completely dry when I went to get him and then he got a bit wet on our walk up to the barn- as did I. We both weren't stoked about that. Anywho tacked up and lunged... can't really get a good lunge when we have to do it on a line inside sooooo I did my best but it really didn't do the trick. Oh well a lesson was waiting for us.

Tonight was a decent lesson. Worked on the normal- frame, straight, sharp transitions, light in the bridle ... etc. I had to remind him a few times to STOP HANGING ON MY HANDS- stopping and backing are my BFF's :)

Trainer ride tomorrow, hack Thursday and trainer ride Friday.


  1. Straight...*sigh* I though we were on the path to straightness but looks like we took a detour. Good for you and not giving into the urge to stay stuck in yuck and blah land. :-)

    1. haha thanks! i was not feeling it but was happy i made myself go ride. you'd think straight would be the norm- haha!


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