Thursday, March 29, 2012

The joys of a baby horse

Henry was not fun today- haha! I was the only one at the barn for about 30/40 min so I took my time getting ready waiting for someone to show up. I don't ride him when I am the only one at the barn... batter safe then sorry- and he is young so it's a precaution I am willing to take. Lunged and he was good and then got on and he was a nut case lol. Not really but he was very spookie and looking at everything! Ugh... flight fight fight!!!

Anywho lots of turning, change of direction, bending... whatever i could do to keep his attention. My trainer was there waiting for her lesson to show up and she told me to go over the polls that were set out and to make Henry weave around the jumps and pile of jumps that were in the center of the arena- he was "looking" at them so off we went to engage in them till he was SICK of them and they weren't an issue anymore.

I cantered some and worked on weaving around the things in the arena, cantering up the center, change of direction with a simple change. Our frame was not so good today- he was totally half giraffe today... ok maybe it wasn't that bad but thats how it felt haha!

I ended by making him address the pile of polls, standards and boxes in the middle of the arena. He was not happy about this BUT it was happening ... i had to get very assertive with him but eventually he was reaching down sniffing and touching the "stuff" and standing still... so we quit.

He can't be perfect everytime so I am not upset about my ride today- it was nice riding him and not feeling scared or worried, I did my best to ride him effectively and ensure he knew I was the boss. Henry prefers to ride with other horses in the arena so these rides alone are good for him and for me to learn how to deal with his attitude haha!

Trainer ride tomorrow and Sean worked Saturday so no riding for me... maybe ill ride Sunday or at least get him out.


  1. I feel your pain! Charlie is so rarely naughty that when he is I'm not quite sure what to do. Sounds like you handled it really well! :-)

    1. Ah thanks! I have to remember that he is young and learning AND no horse is going to be amazing ever ride- tho I would love it if he was haha!


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