Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Private Lesson- what what!!!

Henry didn't get a trainer ride today so I made impromptu plans to ride after work. I texted my trainer and asked if she was still around when I got there, if I could have a lesson since he didn't get ridden. She asked when I would be there- I got off work later then I wanted- soooooo I told her never mind and to not wait around. When I got there she was still there and when I got on she came over and started teaching- score private lesson!

We worked hard and I felt like very affective. I haven't felt that accomplished in a while. We worked on lots of bending- moving his hind end over through the turn and not just leaning with his shoulder and bending at his neck, straight straight straight at the canter- especially to the right, turn on the forehand, turn on the haunch, compressing his canter, extended trot to a compact trot, slow sitting trot, staying in a frame when going into the canter and keeping his frame- especially past the places that he likes to lift his head and "look" for something to spook at.

I have a group lesson Tuesday night, trainer ride Wednesday, hack Thursday, trainer ride Friday and group lesson Saturday.

Grazing after our ride/lesson

Hi mom, can i eat your phone?

Grazing after our ride/lesson

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