Friday, April 13, 2012

Quiet Night at the Barn

Just Lyssette and I rode in the lesson. The barn was oddly quiet- normally Thursday nights can be busy busy but it wasn't. One of the eventer riders rode with us too which was nice.

Lots of consistent flat work last night and moving Henry's hind end over going to the right through the turns. I seriously suck at remembering to do this and it's always what I am getting yelled at for haha. Also to the right is the way that he likes to just bend his neck and drop his shoulder through the corner so that means I HAVE to RIDE him ever step of the way cause he isn't going to help me out at all.

After canting for quite some time both directions we jumped the X. It wasn't anything big but thats good for me to do the small stuff over and over to make my brain know that it isn't scary! He stopped the first time but I did exactly what my trainer said- spur/kick him and make him jump it from there... I did and we lived. I need to remember to ride him super aggressive to the first few fences. I felt like I was riding him aggressive but not super aggressive so I've got to add that super in there :) The rest of the jumping went well.

While I was riding I guess Bayley was practicing at home with daddy cause I got this picture on my cell phone via text when I got off :)

For your viewing pleasure, a tired Henry after our lesson...
Kat and Andy came out last night too which means GOOD PICTURES!!! :) Now the waiting game.

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