Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Really Henry?!?!?!

So I lunged him and he was acting like a saint... went both ways and then hopped on.

He was going around nicely and then BAM he saw the brick painted boxes and his world came unglued. The focus of the night when from working on transitions to dealing with the spooking at hand haha! So I decided to got by the boxes and around the jumps till he decided to not worry about any of them. It was surprising how despite his brain being gone his canter was not super fast and stung out- I was proud- even thought I was a bit frustrated that he was being spookie at these things that we have been riding around for weeks.. yes the jumps have moved but please they are all the same!!!

So once I was able to get him to go by all the things without having a melt down a few times I called it quits and walked around to cool out. Gotta love how your plans can go out the window so fast haha!

Trainer ride tomorrow, lesson Thursday, lesson Friday and I am not sure about Saturday.

Sorry for the blurry pic- gotta love a moving horse and cell phone pics :)

it's a hard life being Henry :)


  1. its the grass... its making them crazy!

    ps.. Henry looks super cute in that sheet. gotta love having a chestnut!

  2. They moved so they must be horse eating boxes and jumps.

  3. Eva- LOL yeah must be the grass ;)

    Miranda- bahahahha your are so right- Henry was just protecting me lol!!

  4. He's just making sure everyone is entertained although it's a bit irritating when they pick their own "channel". :)

    1. For real! I gotta roll with the punches tho :)


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