Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Monday Henry was a doll for the trainer ride! They schooled over all of the random stuff below in the big arena and he did it all with class and jumped HECK OF cute!

Tuesday I went and rode a little early for my lesson so that I could spend more time with B. I kinda did my own thing on the flat while my trainer got her lesson horses ready.. she came over and gave a little tip here and there.

Then we worked on some lead changes on the flat... never Henry's strong point but we had some good work :)

Then we moved onto jumping... there were two things set so we just went with them- I raised both a little before I got on as they were little little.

We started over the jump on an angle... working on straight take off and landing, soft low hands and keeping him between my legs which would lead to easy quick changes :)

Then we did the angle to the straight vertical and back over the straight to the angle... switching it up all over whatever trainer said.

He was good and it was a good ride.

Off today, lesson Thursday and schooling at the show Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Love the first picture/ quote.

  2. Glad to hear he was good. Still super duper excited for you for the show!

  3. Glad You Had A Good Ride! Would Love To See One Of Savvy's training Rides, But Can Never Make It Out An Extra Day. Take Lots Of Show Schooling Pics!

  4. Good quote! :D
    Delighted to hear that rides went well - hope the schooling show goes super!

  5. At first I thought you meant you were jumping the jumps at an angle- that's one of my favorite exercises! It really lets you know if you're doing something wrong- because if you are, they'll run out. If you're doing it all right, then they jump and its a good way to challenge their brain and get them thinking. But anyway, have fun at the show this weekend!!

  6. Love that quote!! Glad you had a good ride.


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