Thursday, January 30, 2014

Square Toe Glitter Boot

Back to the grind! I didn't miss not being at work in-case anyone was wondering :)

Tuesday Henry has a couple hours turn out as well as a  hack in the evening. I wasn't feeling too hot and no one else was lessoning so I told my trainer that I would just do my own thing.

I just flatted him around and then cooled out and talked with a new ish (to the barn) western rider.

Wednesday Henry got a nice 3-4 hour turn out.

We also went over and messed with Grayson.

He's growing so fast! I could really tell last night cause I hadn't seen him in a week with out vacation.

Hubby is ripping out the carpet in our downstairs and putting in flooring, starting today... so I am going to head to the barn tonight after work (probably with B in tow)- not sure if I will get to ride but Henry will get out in some capacity.

Trainer ride's are going to be back in action ever Friday since I am done jumping.

Saturday we have a birthday party so I'll probably ride in the afternoon.

Got B some new boots! Pretty sure I am going to order myself a pair!

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  1. Such cute boots!
    Grayson & Henry are looking fantastic as always!!!

  2. Replies
    1. They do!! I got some!

  3. I love me some square toe glitter boots!

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  5. Replies
    1. True- but when I got there, Ira thought you weren't coming :)

  6. Those boots go well with your equines!


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