Friday, January 3, 2014

Smidge of Day Light

I hurried to the barn last night when I got off work because I really wanted to ride outside, the last few rides inside- the ground has been SO hard and I hate riding Henry on the hard ground.

Hubby and B came (which was a blessing b/c he grabbed Henry while I took out all my tack and got ready AND no one was around so I wasn't alone).

Tacked up, let home boy run around like a nut and hopped on the saver the last bit of light (or lack there of) and get a hack in.

Worked on forward trot, good canter departures and some counter canter. As the light disappeared Henry got super alert- head up and giving ever dark shadow/unknown item the hairy eye ball. So I stopped while I was ahead and well it was dark ha!

I untacked him and walked him around inside to cool him out (he was sweaty- oops).

Hopefully Henry will get turned out today and IDK about this weekend cause Hubby is on weekends now- still trying to figure out what that means for riding :)

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