Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19th

Yesterday Henry got turned out and a quick lunge.

This morning I loaded my sick/funky feeling self up in the car with hubby and baby in tow and heading out to ride. I was a bit late getting on but did it. I felt so weak and just funky so I got to work and  hacked around. I was on for about 45 minutes and couldn't do any more so I got off and headed up. Henry was really good- today he decided the half rounds were scary but other then that he didn't do anything bad- "looked" at other things but nothing to speak of :) He was responding to backing up in a frame much better, listening to my legs and doing nicer circles, not worrying about other horses coming at us or going by us as much and halting better.

Our Tuesday night lesson is moved to Monday this week so I am going to try and get out to work him tomorrow (Sunday), lesson Monday, ride Tuesday, turn our Wednesday, off Thursday and hopefully ride Friday. We will be gone Wednesday-Friday so we shall see how I feel after the 8 hour drive home Friday. Sean doesn't work Saturday because of the holiday so MAYBE I will get to ride Saturday :) Or maybe I will let him pick what we want to do that day since he is a really really good sport about all the horse stuff!

After riding we headed to Carousel Saddlery in Potter Valley. They are having their yearly sale and I have been saving my pennies to get a few things that I deemed worthy of my money- HA!

Here are picture of my loot...

These are for Bayley, they were orig $60 and on sale for $10! Yes a bit big right now but eventually they will fit her :)

Pretty Socks!

Jacket for hacking :)


Show Gloves


  1. Wish I could have gone, looks like you made out well :)

  2. Yeah it was fun! Mostly shopping with my eyes but I did get a few things... I feel in love with a bridle but didn't have that much money so this next year I will have to save more mula so I can have a bigger shopping spree :)


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