Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11th

First off I would like to say thank you to our vets! I am so thankful for my freedom which isn't actually free.

Being that it is veterans day, I didn't have work. I took Bayley to daycare for a few hours this morning so that I could go ride. Sean has to work tomorrow so I won't be able to ride- getting in a ride today was critical (ok not really but it was a much needed treat). There were 4 other people riding and so it was nice to have company. Being that it is getting dark so early I haven't ridden outside in a while, I wasn't sure how Henry was going to be but after some lunging and me telling myself that I had my big girl pants on today- we went on our way. He was pretty good... I have learned that calling his bluff is my best plan of action. He likes to look at EVERYTHING so if I just push him forward and we march right on past it, it seems to work. Now granite he hasn't given me too much trouble on things and I hope it stays that way! :) (please Jesus please!)

I rode for roughly 45 min. It was lightly sprinkling through our ride and I now know that Henry doesn't like the water in his ears haha! Oh well- we have to learn to deal with things we don't like right? RIGHT! :)

Ok so again today I realized that yes we do need to get the twisted snaffle back out cause my breaks suck and my trainer confirmed that. Hes not trying to run off with me but when I ask him to stop it isn't quick enough- a quarter of the way down the long side won't cut it.

Cooled him out, untacked, groomed, let him hangout in the cooler while eating his grain (he took WAY to long to eat so this was continued in his stall), hurried down the hill as it was raining on us, put on his blankie once we got to his stall and gave him kisses (which he painstakingly let me do while he was trying to eat his grain).

As a side note... I also took the leathers off of my Collegiate and put them on my Pessoa- I figured out they are Crosby's so I need to order another set as I HATE the Pessoa leathers I have.

I also took a trip to Western Saddlery after I picked up Bayley- I love that place! Anywho I picked up Henry's Baker sheet that was being fixed from the nice air holes the horse next to him installed, a new fly mask, some treats, a new stud chain, a short stud chain for my lunge line, a new body brush because the stiff one I had/have was used as a chew toy and Irene (my trainers) clipper blades.

Sean works tomorrow so no riding but my plan is to ride Sunday :)

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