Friday, November 11, 2011

November 10th

What a crazy day...

There was a bit of a horse emergency at my best friends house- but thanks to Jesus that everything was ironed out and the mare is doing well.

SOOOO after dealing with the above I continued on up to the barn with hubby and baby in tow. Tacked up, lunged and got going. He was really well behaved, only spooking a few times which makes me happy! I rode in my Pessoa and the stirrups were REALLY LONG but so is life. Lots of hacking and going all the way around the arena- even in the spookie areas. I worked more on our sitting trot and after that and cantering I think we need to switch back to the twisted snaffle bit. He was a bit heavy and not really listening to my half halts.

Anywho had a good ride and cooled him out- did our normal drill of untacking, walking, grooming, blanketing and eating.

Here are some rough pics that the hubby took while i was cooling out with my iphone... better then nothing right?!? haha

Shinny pony!

Walking and chatting with Lyssette and Carlos :)

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