Monday, November 7, 2011

Tonight didn't go as well as planned

BUT I did make it up to the barn! So that is a plus right?

Even if I don't have time to ride Henry I make a point to go up there and turn him out, groom and grain him 6 days a week (normally 7).

Anywho back to tonight.. It was a bit sad when it was dark at 5:30 tonight- stinken day light savings!

Like I said Sean had softball tonight so my plan was to ride before that... well since he was the only one at work today he didn't get off till 5:30/5:45 which means I met him up at the barn and he didn't get there till 6:15. His game was at 7:30 meaning he needed to be there at 7. Quickly we took of Henry's blanket *yes he is clothed and has a better wardrobe then me!* and booted him up (of course picking out his hooves too). Since time was limited and there were 2 or 3 people in the indoor riding I took him to the really big round pen cause it has lights! I let him blow off some steam and then did an efficient lunge followed by a nice long walk/cool out with his cooler on.

Finished off the night with a quick brush down, blanket back on and grain for the spoiled boy! :)

Tomorrow I am going to take my camera and see if Sean will take some pics even though we will be inside (lighting sucks and pictures are hard to get)...

Hopefully Henry is nice and warm in his stall in his blankie... soon I will be whipping out the blanket with the neck piece or the med weight one to make sure he is really warm and cozy! Worry much? I think so! :)

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