Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why? ... November 8th

Lesson tonight... kick me in the butt.

I'd like to start off my asking myself a question- Karley, why are you so nervous when riding?!

I am going to do some thinking and prayer into this question. If I answer it right now I am sure some of it will be truth but other a defense so we will come back to this.

So there were 5 of us riding in the indoor tonight. I like riding with others so it was good. Someone was clipping their horse and the horse kept kicking the wall which made for spooking horses at the plain wall that was making LOUD noises.

Anywho that aside we must better with the scarrrry end- I think he only gave one little scoot down there so that was really good.

Irene made me canter which freaked me out- I don't know why, he was very well behaved but I sike myself out. We went both ways and he did a good job... tripped at one point- he forgot he had 4 feet ha!

Man was he sweaty at the end of our lesson and he was POOPED. I walked him a bit under-saddle and then un-tacked him and put on a cooler and walked him for a while, traded off with Sean and he took a turn walking him as well. Back to his stall for a brush down and blanketing... then back up to the barn for grain and to put all my tack away. I love coming down with his grain and having him there waiting for me or talk to him with joy :)

To bad we have plans tomorrow because I would really like to ride and keep moving forward with the progress we made tonight but so is life, Thursday will have to do.

Yes pictures are needed... i know. I asked hubby to take some tonight but his phone wasn't working right. Maybe Thursday haha!


  1. Now I really wish I had made it down to get video of you last night, I didn't get off work til 5pm in Antioch, just didn't have time. I think maybe if you start watching video of you riding him, maybe you can see how he really is behaving. vs how it feels when you are several feet in the air on his back. IDK if I can make it out Thurs, but will definitely try to make it out next Tues, I really want to watch you canter, he is so graceful when he isn't being a spooky dork ;)


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