Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov 1st


It was so stinken windy at the barn tonight. Our Tuesday night lesson aka Ladies Night was postponed to Thursday but I knew that I still needed to ride. I met Sean up at the barn to get as much time as I could because Sean had softball at 8- I had to be efficient and use my time wisely.

Henry was feeling good even after his crazy workout yesterday. I guess the wind inspired him haha! So after lunging I hopped on and knew that it was game time and I had to wear my big girl pants because he was still feeling good but I had to get down to business. We did lots of circles, figure 8's, serpentines, change of direction as well as extended trot, sitting trot and of course regular trot. After a decent amount of spooks he actually started working really well- I relaxed and he relaxed. We both were busy with the above exercises and tuned out all other distractions. It was nice to have Erica down there with me- Pogo is a steady eddie and makes Henry comfortable and we only followed him once around and it wasn't even at the beginning of the ride haha! They just happened to be in front of us and funny thing it that the time we followed them he did the biggest spook with his head in the air and jigged all the way down the long side- it was just wonderful. I need to punch new holes in my martingale attachment because it is WAY to long!

So I haven't had some recent pics in a while- sad I know, I miss them too! But here is a comparison for you of how much weight Henry has gained.. I need to get some UTD pics cause BOY he is fat haha, ok so maybe not fat but he looks amazing!

July 6, 2011

October 18, 2011


  1. We maybe could come get pics tomorrow, but you gotta get on fast, cause usually by the time your on, the lights gone lol

  2. I think we will be inside haha


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