Saturday, January 14, 2012

Getting my groove back

I feel like I am getting my mojo back a little. Haha.

I set my alarm with time to get up and make it to the barn early BUT I was so tired and snoozed a few to many times soooo I was in a rush to get ready. We ended up riding in our arena (which is up the hill cause we are in the lower barn for the winter) so my waiting for the round pen to lunge was pointless - luckily I figures it out quickly and headed up there to lunge. He wasn't very wild so it was a "quick" (for me) lunge. I had tacked up with one of the other trial saddles and after like 2 times around the arena realized I DIDN'T like it at all and ask my hubby to go get the one that I rode in Thursday so that I could show it to my trainer. Kept hacking till he came back with it and then traded.

Much better and back to work :) I also put my stirrups on it which didn't rub me. I wanted to make sure I was in a good saddle so that I could make the most of the time I had with my trainer.

We did the norm- wtc - my trainer reiterated that my posture needs work. I need to start wearing my shoulders back every ride I have decided. She did give me a compliment tho that from my hips down I look good. I appreciated that but need to get my shoulders in check and fix this issue.

Anywho worked on holding him together in the canter and also closing my leg and making him go in his frame at the trot. Then everyone else jumped and after they were done I worked on the trot polls with cantering after and lead changes. I am getting more and more confident with each ride. Lots to work on and keep striving to do better.

My trainer wants me to jump some of the other horses who are more schooled to keep me going and let Henry get some more trainer rides under his belt before I jump him again. Even though I want to jump him again I trust her and know that shes got our best interest in mind :) And I am SO thankful for that!

After our lesson we all took a walk (semi trail ride) around the property and Henry was really good!

He also got a bath and tail wash after our ride- then hand walking and eating grass till he was almost dry.

Oh and best of all- hubby pulled all the stall mats out of Henry's stall, cleaned everything out from under them flattening the dirt and then put the mats back in- making Henry's stall so beautiful and clean! I am SO thankful for him helping me with things like that. I know the guys are really overworked at the barn and feel bad asking them to do that stuff- so having Sean's help and willingness to make Henry's stall as nice as we can living in the ghetto ;) I really am thankful for!

I was on blanket duty tonight (since I am the blanket crazy mother and Henry has a blanket- or maybe 2 haha- for each different type of weather that is possible here in CA) since it's supposed to be cold. Made sure all the ponies were warm and tucked in for the night.

I am having saddle decision making issues. The one I rode in Thursday and changed to today I like, my trainer says it fits me and Henry well but it isn't as high end and I would like to have. I have to decided if I want to get it or wait 3-4 more months till I have enough to get a higher end saddle- used - ugh decisions! Anyone have advice? Please!


  1. Hey, it's Lindsay from SJ. I would absolutely wait for a few months until you can afford a higher-end used saddle. You'll pay more initially, but you'll save more long-term because you won't have to replace it as soon. I spent a LOT of money on my used CWD, but unless I gain a ton of weight and grow out of it or the tree breaks, I don't foresee needing to buy another one any time soon! You really do get what you pay for!

  2. I'd say wait, but make sure you not the saddle you currently like (and take pics) so u can compare the nicer ones you are looking at to save time and effort. Buy nice so you don't have to go thru all this again, lol


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