Friday, January 27, 2012

Laid back Friday

Henry got turned out this morning by my trainer and his blanket taken off- i was in San Jose for work and knew it would get warm today and he needed his blanket off and would like some time out enjoying the day...

After work Bayley and I went up to blanket and grain Henry...I brushed him, blanketed him, cleaned his stall, cleaned his water, cleaned up his padock and filled his water with clean yummy fresh water! While I was filling his water he kept grabbing the hose and swinging it around, such a good helper- NOT! haha

I took a few quick pictures of him while I was waiting for his water to fill up .. ENJOY!

Munching away at his dinner with Buster in the background

Hi mom, what is that thing in your hand? Can I eat it?

Cute boy!

Lesson tomorrow morning woot!

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