Friday, January 13, 2012

Saddles Saddles and more Saddles

I tried another saddle tonight (Thursday). I rode with long stirrups cause the leathers were bunched by where the bars are and they were rubbing me like crazy (i have bruises to show). I liked the saddle, felt like a deeper seat. I am not sure it fit me right but that is what my trainer is for- Ill ride for her in it Saturday and see what she thinks. There is another one that I will be trying too- flatter larger seat then the one last night.

There were 3 other people riding so it was a nice amount of room for us all to get our own space :) 

Anywho Henry was good. He felt sluggish in the canter (aka lazy and didn't want to keep cantering) so it took some work to keep him going and hold him together. I worked on moving his hip over at the walk and he was good once he realized that I wasn't asking him to trot (or canter). Also after we cantered I stayed in a trot. At times he thinks that after cantering it's quitting time. He even went around nicely on a long rein and was really laid back by the end of our ride.

I will be riding tomorrow morning. I am tempted to sleep in as Sean isn't working and he offered to let me sleep in BUT getting miles on Henry (and a workout for me) is necessary.

Maybe Sean will take some pictures tomorrow :)


  1. Hi Karley, You are doing a great job with Henry. Regarding saddles...try to buy a buffalo saddle. They are best for training young horses. I ride Henry's brother, General Buffet in one. I use it with some of my green horses. Sterling from England makes a very nice jump saddle. I bought a few that had been discontinued. Original price $ price $900.

    Let me know when Henry shows. I would love to see him again. Best, Jan (Henry's breeder and Mom)

    1. Thanks Jan! I think I've found a Frank Banes that fits both Henry and I really well- I have another 2 rides in it and we will see if I still love it and will probably make an offer.

      I am glad you found Henry and get to see his progress. He is really coming along well! I am loving every ride on him :) I will keep you posted on shows for sure!



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