Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rough Ride

Saturday was a rough ride... not cause Henry was bad but because I felt like I could do no right and was not clear on what was being asked of me. I am trying so hard to ride well, do what I am told and do right by Henry and my trainer.

I am not going to dwell on it cause it makes me frustrated/confused/mad soooo tomorrow is a new day right?

Anywho Henry was quite sweaty after our lesson so I hosed him off and Hubby helped me walk him in his cooler while I cleaned my tack and then we grained him and I snapped a picture with my phones camera.. enjoy!


  1. haha yeah it looks like that but i think he hoovers over the corner while he chews cause all three pics i took look like that :)

  2. If you don't understand what you're being asked to do, do you ever just stop and have the trainer explain it another way? It always helps me to get more out of lessons.

    1. Yes and in large group lessons it's hard to get the "attention" so I get what I can and then hope for a chance to deal with the same problem in my smaller semi group/semi private lesson and get it worked out.

      I know that when dealing with a young horse it's a new challenge every day but I don't want to have holes in his training and like I said I really want to do right by Henry and my trainer. :)


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