Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan. 23, 2012

So winter has arrived... we got a decent amount of rain this weekend and luckily I think I have finally found a horse who doesn't like to roll and be covered in mud!!! Woooo hoooo! He likes to roll BUT he deson't do it in my med which I appriciate. It's so nice to unblanket my horse and have him be all smooth and clean under.

So I didn't ride Saturday cause Sean had to work and Sunday he got turned out but the day ended up being consumed by chores and Sean helping a friend with him car. So Monday was a must ride day. It was SUPER cold at the barn and I felt bad taking off Henry's blanket but had to if we were going to get to work. There was so much going on at the barn- a horse trying to climb out of the stall, another kicking continuously at the wall freaking out, crazy horses being lunged in the arena, a horse getting lose and running a muck around the property, lots of people chatting it up and really loud noises. So needless to say Henry was a little on edge going into our ride.

I taked him up and went out to lunge- another person was riding and someone else came in to lunge a few min after I started and the rider didn't want two people lunging (understandable) so I let the other person go first since I wasn't in a hurry and she was a bit mad about not being able to lunge at the same time. Needless to say I am glad that I let her go becuase she ran her horse like a bat out of hell and I would not have wanted to be riding when she was lunging... chasing her horse like that scares me and it's to small of a cirlce for the horse to go that fast AND it's not good for the horse.

Anywho despite her saying she would be quick- 10 to 15 min later it was my turn and the other rider was now done riding haha! So I lunged and he was a little high so I just let him canter and get it out then on I got and to work we went. He was good and it was cold so I trotted about two or three times around each way and then cantered. I was working on his fram and holding him together but not letting him rest on my hands- it's his job to hold himself and not mine haha! After the cantering both ways I did a lot of work with him bending, really worked on staying in his frame w/o the draw reins and I felt like he was really working for me and listening to me next request. It felt SO good!

He was SUPER steamy and sweaty when we were done so I walked him a bunch and then got off, untakced, groomed and put his cooler on and then walked some more to help him dry before he was tucked in for the night.

I hope that tonight (Tuesday) is another good ride and that he is ready to show our trianer the strides we are making :)


  1. So much lunging. Makes me dizzy, lol.

  2. Sometime I wish I could just turn him lose in the arena and let him get it out that way BUT with the rain there are so many of us trying to ride that it would never happen.. and I don't think it's allowed haha!

  3. Im just so glad to hear about all this cantering :) Wish I could have made it today but Andy has the Prius and I wouldn't want to drive the Mustang out to the barn :)


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