Thursday, January 5, 2012

67 Degrees, Sun and NO Wind

Today was the best weather anyone could ask for! It's January, really warm and I rode in a t-shirt! Henry was sweaty before I even got on cause it was so warm haha!

I did a quick lunge (this is his 4th day in a row being ridden) and got on. Juliana and I wanted to go ride down in the big arena but since I was riding on my "lunch" I didn't have time to spare so I rode inside. Juliana hacked Billy around and then headed out to jump and I stayed and continued my hacking. He was really good, relaxed and listening to me. After we warmed up I worked on moving his hind end left and right and he did well.

I worked him some more and then headed back. He has been getting into the habit that after cantering we are done so I have been making a point to trot around or canter more to make sure that he doesn't start to feel entitled or what not :)

Tonight I had to blanket him (and groom since he rolled after I rode and hosed him off) and grain him .. he was SO well behaved while I was trying to clean him up. I think 4 days in a row of riding is doing him well!

Hoping to ride tomorrow and maybe even take a private lesson if I am not too tired.

The vet comes out Saturday to do the vacs, teeth and worming. I think Henry's teeth are fine but he is going to check them and I worm him on my owns soooo no need for that either.

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